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Junk Removal ServiceWe're here to help you reduce the clutter around your house, recycle the waste, and resell what we can so that your unwanted items don't just get thrown in a landfill. Our goal is to reduce the overall carbon footprint while providing an affordable and reliable service.
Junk Drop-OffYour haul away team will provide you with a firm price before service is started.
Free drop-off for cardboard, cans, paper, and bottles!

Waste Management Service
in Seattle, WA

We serve the Seattle metro area at Gone For Good - Seattle. How do we serve the area? We work as a full-service, eco-friendly junk hauler. Our reliable and efficient service is designed to help you reduce the clutter of your home and your carbon footprint simultaneously. With our specialists' flexible scheduling process, it's easy for us to find a convenient time to come to your house and clean up.

While we're not a donation center, if you no longer want certain items in your house, we do the honors of placing those unwanted items in thrift stores and local charities. Call (206) 208-7876 to learn more about the work we do.

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With nearly 11 years' experience, our friendly customer service team provides you reliable assistance at reasonable prices. We believe unwanted house junk can lead to unwanted stress, so we make sure these unwanted items are no longer in your sight.

But we won't just throw these valuable items away. We know that your unwanted vinyl and your unneeded baby grand piano will have plenty of value for somebody else. That's why we reduce your clutter by reselling or recycling these valuable items.

Top Eco Junk Removal Services

  • Estate cleanout/Estate Liquidation
  • Retirement
  • Downsizing
  • Senior relocation
  • Junk removal
  • Eco-friendly hauling
  • Sorry, we are not a donation center

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We strive to put all of your "junk" to good use. We understand that your unwanted items are of high value to someone else, but more importantly, understand that seeing these items be Gone For Good - Seattle is hard. We do the work to make things easier, and you can trust us when you call (206) 208-7876 to schedule service today!

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